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دانلود دوره آموزشی O’Reilly Flask Web Development Flask Web Development یکی از دوره های آموزشی شرکت O’Reilly است که قابلیت های فریم ورک Flask را نشان داده و نحوه توسعه اپلیکیشن های تحت وب را با استفاده از آن به شما آموزش می دهد. اگر شما تجربه کار با زبان پایتون را دارید، می توانید با استفاده از این کتاب آموزشی فوق العاده، نحوه کار با فریم ورک Flask را به طور کامل آموزش ببینید.
  • I. Introduction to Flask 1. Installation Creating the Application Directory Virtual Environments Creating a Virtual Environment with Python 3 Creating a Virtual Environment with Python 2 Working with a Virtual Environment Installing Python Packages with pip
  • 2. Basic Application Structure Initialization Routes and View Functions A Complete Application Development Web Server Dynamic Routes Debug Mode Command-Line Options The Request-Response Cycle Application and Request Contexts Request Dispatching The Request Object Request Hooks Responses Flask Extensions
  • 3. Templates The Jinja2 Template Engine Rendering Templates Variables Control Structures Bootstrap Integration with Flask-Bootstrap Custom Error Pages Links Static Files Localization of Dates and Times with Flask-Moment
  • 4. Web Forms Configuration Form Classes HTML Rendering of Forms Form Handling in View Functions Redirects and User Sessions Message Flashing
  • 5. Databases SQL Databases NoSQL Databases SQL or NoSQL? Python Database Frameworks Database Management with Flask-SQLAlchemy Model Definition Relationships Database Operations Creating the Tables Inserting Rows Modifying Rows Deleting Rows Querying Rows Database Use in View Functions Integration with the Python Shell Database Migrations with Flask-Migrate Creating a Migration Repository Creating a Migration Script Upgrading the Database Adding More Migrations
  • 6. Email Email Support with Flask-Mail Sending Email from the Python Shell Integrating Emails with the Application Sending Asynchronous Email
  • 7. Large Application Structure Project Structure Configuration Options Application Package Using an Application Factory Implementing Application Functionality in a Blueprint Application Script Requirements File Unit Tests Database Setup Running the Application
  • II. Example: A Social Blogging Application 8. User Authentication Authentication Extensions for Flask Password Security Hashing Passwords with Werkzeug Creating an Authentication Blueprint User Authentication with Flask-Login Preparing the User Model for Logins Protecting Routes Adding a Login Form Signing Users In Signing Users Out Understanding How Flask-Login Works Testing Logins New User Registration Adding a User Registration Form Registering New Users Account Confirmation Generating Confirmation Tokens with itsdangerous Sending Confirmation Emails Account Management
  • 9. User Roles Database Representation of Roles Role Assignment Role Verification
  • 10. User Profiles Profile Information User Profile Page Profile Editor User-Level Profile Editor Administrator-Level Profile Editor User Avatars
  • 11. Blog Posts Blog Post Submission and Display Blog Posts on Profile Pages Paginating Long Blog Post Lists Creating Fake Blog Post Data Rendering in Pages Adding a Pagination Widget Rich-Text Posts with Markdown and Flask-PageDown Using Flask-PageDown Handling Rich Text on the Server Permanent Links to Blog Posts Blog Post Editor
  • 12. Followers Database Relationships Revisited Many-to-Many Relationships Self-Referential Relationships Advanced Many-to-Many Relationships Followers on the Profile Page Querying Followed Posts Using a Database Join Showing Followed Posts on the Home Page
  • 13. User Comments Database Representation of Comments Comment Submission and Display Comment Moderation
  • 14. Application Programming Interfaces Introduction to REST Resources Are Everything Request Methods Request and Response Bodies Versioning RESTful Web Services with Flask Creating an API Blueprint Error Handling User Authentication with Flask-HTTPAuth Token-Based Authentication Serializing Resources to and from JSON Implementing Resource Endpoints Pagination of Large Resource Collections Testing Web Services with HTTPie
  • III. The Last Mile 15. Testing Obtaining Code Coverage Reports The Flask Test Client Testing Web Applications Testing Web Services End-to-End Testing with Selenium Is It Worth It?
  • 16. Performance Logging Slow Database Performance Source Code Profiling
  • 17. Deployment Deployment Workflow Logging of Errors During Production Cloud Deployment The Heroku Platform Preparing the Application Testing with Heroku Local Deploying with git push Deploying an Upgrade Docker Containers Installing Docker Building a Container Image Running a Container Inspecting a Running Container Pushing Your Container Image to an External Registry Using an External Database Container Orchestration with Docker Compose Cleaning Up Old Containers and Images Using Docker in Production Traditional Deployments Server Setup Importing Environment Variables Setting Up Logging
  • 18. Additional Resources Using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Finding Flask Extensions Getting Help Getting Involved with Flask
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