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دانلود Educator Chemistry Courses – دوره های آموزشی شیمی

شیمی (Chemistry) یکی از دانش‌های بنیادین است که به مطالعه و بررسی ساختار، خواص، ترکیبات، و دگرگونی ماده می‌پردازد و در بسیاری از رشته ها به عنوان یک دانش اولیه و پایه برای فراگیری محسوب می شود. موسسه آموزشی Educator مجموعه ای از بهترین آموزش های مرتبط با شیمی را در گروه های مختلف دسته بندی نموده و برای علاقمندان به شیمی (دانشجویان رشته شیمی) فراهم نموده است. برخی از این مباحث در حوزه شیمی عمومی، بیوشیمی، شیمی آلی و ... دسته بندی شده اند. در شیمی عمومی (General Chemistry) بیشتر به بررسی مباحث پایه و اصطلاحات رایج و ضروری برای کار در رشته شیمی آشنا می شوید. بیوشیمی (Biochemistry) یا زیست‌شیمی با ساختار و عمل‌کرد اجزاء سلولی مثل پروتئین‌ها، کربوهیدارت‌ها، لیپیدها، اسیدهای نوکلئیک، و انواع دیگر زیست‌مولکول‌ها سر و کار دارد. هدف زیست‌شناسی شیمیایی پاسخ دادن به سوال‌هایی است که از زیست‌شیمی ناشی می‌شوند.

شیمی آلی (Organic chemistry) زیر مجموعه ای از دانش شیمی است که درباره ترکیبات کربن یا مواد آلی سخن می‌گوید، عنصر اصلی که با کربن ترکیبات آلی را تشکیل می دهند، هیدروژن می باشد. در گذشته به موادی که ریشه گیاهی یا حیوانی داشتند، مواد آلی می گفتند اما امروزه مواد آلی را می توان از طریق روش های صنعتی و آزمایشگاهی و به کمک مواد معدنی نیز سنتز کرد.

دوره های آموزشی: - شیمی عمومی (آموزش مفاهیم اولیه شیمی) - آموزش بیوشیمی - آموزش شیمی آلی - و ...

General Chemistry: Balancing an entire sheet of chemistry equations, memorizing the Periodic Table, and answering tough vocabulary questions is much easier when you have a strong foundation in General Chemistry. Whether you are taking your first college chemistry course or still in high school, knowledge of chemical processes provides insights into a variety of biological and physical phenomena. These phenomena and more are explored in Professor Franklin Ow’s General Chemistry course.

In each of his lessons, Professor Ow explains concepts in easy to understand language and follows with plenty of examples you will likely see on homework and exams. Lesson topics include Stoichiometry, Gases, Acid Base Reactions, and Electrochemistry. Professor Ow obtained both his BS and PhD in chemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles. He currently teaches chemistry classes at three universities and has won multiple awards in his academic field.

Topics include: I. Basic Concepts & Measurement of Chemistry - Basic Concepts of Chemistry - Tools in Quantitative Chemistry

II. Atoms, Molecules, and Ions - Atoms, Molecules, and Ions

III. Chemical Reactions - Chemical Reactions

IV. Stoichiometry - Stoichiometry V. Thermochemistry - Energy & Chemical Reactions

VI. Quantum Theory of Atoms - Structure of Atoms

VII. Electron Configurations and Periodicity - Periodic Trends

VIII. Molecular Geometry & Bonding Theory - Bonding & Molecular Structure - Advanced Bonding Theories

IX. Gases, Solids, & Liquids - Gases - Intermolecular Forces & Liquids - The Chemistry of Solids

X. Solutions, Rates of Reaction, & Equilibrium - Solutions & Their Behavior - Chemical Kinetics - Principles of Chemical Equilibrium

XI. Acids & Bases Chemistry - Acid-Base Chemistry     43:44 - Applications of Aqueous Equilibria

XII. Thermodynamics & Electrochemistry - Entropy & Free Energy - Electrochemistry

XIII. Transition Elements & Coordination Compounds - The Chemistry of The Transition Metals

XIV. Nuclear Chemistry - Nuclear Chemistry

Biochemistry: Biochemistry, the chemistry of biological molecules, explains the complex processes that sustain all living organisms. This college-level course taught by Professor Raffi Hovasapian is perfect for Pre-Medical students as well as Biology and Chemistry majors. Each lesson contains fundamental definitions, numerous worked-out examples, and many step-by-step explanations of complex processes. Professor Hovasapian carefully goes through how Proteins, Carbohydrates, Nucleic Acids and other biomolecules make life on Earth possible. Combining his triple degrees in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Classics, along with 1 - 0+ years of teaching experience, Professor Hovasapian expertly helps students understand difficult biochemical concepts. Raffi also teaches AP Chemistry, Multivariable Calculus, and Linear Algebra on Educator.

Topics include: 1. Preliminaries on Aqueous Chemistry: - 01 Aqueous Solutions & Concentration - 02 Dilution & Osmotic Pressure - 03 More on Osmosis - 04 Acids & Bases - 05 Titrations and Buffers - 06 Example Problems with Acids, Bases & Buffers - 07 Hydrolysis & Condensation Reactions

2. Amino Acids & Proteins Primary Structure: - 01 Amino Acids - 02 Amino Acids, Continued - 03 Acid~Base Behavior of Amino Acids - 04 Peptides & Proteins - 05 Amino Acid Sequencing of a Peptide Chain - 06 Sequencing Larger Peptides & Proteins - 07 Peptide Synthesis (Merrifield Process) - 08 More Examples with Amino Acids & Peptides

3. Proteins Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary Structure Alpha Helix & Beta Conformation

4. Proteins Function: - 01 Protein Function I Ligand Binding & Myoglobin - 02 Protein Function II Hemoglobin - 03 Protein Function III More on Hemoglobin

5. Enzymes: - 01 Enzymes I - 02 Enzymes II - 03 Enzymes III Kinetics - 04 Enzymes IV Lineweaver-Burk Plots - 05 Enzymes V Enzyme Inhibition - 06 Enzymes VI Regulatory Enzymes - 07 Enzymes VII Km & Kcat

6. Carbohydrates: - 01 Monosaccharides - 02 Hexose Derivatives & Reducing Sugars - 03 Disaccharides - 04 Polysaccharides - 05 Polysaccharides, Part 2 - 06 Glycoconjugates - 07 More Example Problems with Carbohydrates

7. Lipids: - 01 Fatty Acids & Triacylglycerols - 02 Membrane Lipids - 03 Membrane Lipids, Part 2 - 04 The Biologically Active Lipids

8. Energy & Biological Systems (Bioenergetics): - 01 Thermodynamics, Free Energy & Equilibrium - 02 More on Thermodynamics & Free Energy - 03 ATP & Other High-Energy Compounds - 04 Phosphoryl Group Transfers - 05 Oxidation-Reduction Reactions - 06 More On Oxidation-Reduction Reactions - 07 Example Problems For Bioenergetics

9. Glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis: - 01 Overview of Glycolysis I - 02 Glycolysis II - 03 Glycolysis III - 04 Glycolysis IV - 05 Gluconeogenesis I - 06 Gluconeogenesis II - 07 The Pentose Phosphate Pathway

10. The Citric Acid Cycle (Krebs Cycle): - 01 Citric Acid Cycle I - 02 Citric Acid Cycle II - 03 Citric Acid Cycle III

11. Catabolism of Fatty Acids: - 01 Fatty Acid Catabolism I - 02 Fatty Acid Catabolism II - 03 Fatty Acid Catabolism III

12. Catabolism of Amino Acids and the Urea Cycle: - 01 Overview & The Aminotransferase Reaction - 02 Glutamine & Alanine The Urea Cycle I - 03 Glutamine & Alanine The Urea Cycle II - 04 Glutamine & Alanine The Urea Cycle II

13. Oxidative Phosphorylation and ATP Synthesis: - 01 Oxidative Phosphorylation I - 02 Oxidative Phosphorylation II

Organic Chemistry: Dr. Laurie Starkey brings in her love of organic chemistry and helps students learn through visual models and real world examples. Focusing on Chemical Structures, she covers topics from Alkanes to Aldehydes and Amines. This course is crucial for students who wish to excel in Organic Chemistry in order to satisfy their degree or pre-medical requirements. Lessons go in depth and are followed with numerous examples similar to those found on organic chemistry exams and qualifying tests. Additional topics include everything from Stereochemistry to Nomenclature and Spectroscopy. Dr. Laurie Starkey is also the author of “Introduction to Strategies for Organic Synthesis” (Wiley) and earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry from UCLA. She has been teaching Organic Chemistry at the university level for over 15 years and most recently won the 2013 Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Cal Poly Pomona's highest teaching award.

Topics include: Part I: - Introduction and Drawing Structures - Lewis Structures & Resonance - Acid-Base Reactions - Structures and Properties of Organic Molecules - Alkane Structures - Stereochemistry - Nomenclature - Chemical Reactions - Free Radical Halogenation - Substitution Reactions - Elimination Reactions

Part II: - Alkenes - Reactions of Alkenes - Alkynes - Alcohols - Ethers - Thiols and Thioethers - Transformation Practice Problems - Ketones

Part III: - Carboxylic Acids - Carboxylic Acid Derivatives - Enols and Enolates - Aromatic Compounds: Structure - Aromatic Compounds: Reactions - Conjugated Dienes - Amines

Part IV: - Infrared Spectroscopy - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy

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