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The finale of the sophomore season showed us Richard being fired as Pied Piper’s Chief Executive Officer. How is it really possible that a man is dismissed from his own enterprise that was actually founded by him? The third season will answer this question. The new plotline is going to develop in the new season altogether with the main story. Many of the real events in the world of high technologies are going to be revealed. One of the investors on Pied Piper, Raviga appears to have the right to employ as CEO for Pied Piper whoever he considers to be appropriate for this position. What will be his decision? Another story arc of the season will be devoted to Monica and Laurie working together. The important part will be definitely allotted to their somewhat clouded relationship. It is always very exciting to observe a woman in the world of technologies. Stay in the know of the high tech universe together with the season three of the Silicon Valley series!

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