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After acquiring the renovated identities made by Root, the team does its best to get accustomed to its new lifestyle. Nevertheless it is quite difficult for some of them to disregard the Machine’s numbers, exposing them to danger of being tracked down by Samaritan. Finch is still unwilling to assist with new numbers but he is attracted by the latest POI being involved into earth-shattering scavenger hunt. He hires Fusco to find someone to chum in her as soon as possible. The Machine sends Root and Finch on a new secret mission. Criminal group investigation made an aim of Reese’s sister and brother. Moreover Reese is kicked out by Captain’s Moreno direct order. Unpretentious office worker protected by Fusco and Shaw appears to be drawn into a perilous conspiracy. We’ll also see Finch’s journey to Hong Kong in the frame of his practice preserving identity. Shaw is going to accede to the international thieves’ team in an effort to trace the newest POI. Keep watching the unexpected turns in the latest season 4 of the Person of Interest!

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